So you want to pass your Driving Test?

Of course you do.

You would like me to tell you that one little thing, that will make all the difference in the world, to actually walking away with a big tick in the “SUCCESSFUL” box on your Test Report Form. Everyone does.

Well, not many Trainers would however, I am happy to tell you that one lil’ secret, right here right NOW! Because…..some things just can not be learnt through simply being told…. Most Learning requires tuition and repetition.

So what is it that one ‘little thing’ that will have you flying through your test…in a word, it is “KNOWLEDGE”. This knowledge is acquired through the use of your “EYES”. Rules and Regulations, you learn from reading a book or computer, then studying repetitiously. BUT what about, Road Savvy?

To become Road Savvy,  you have to learn by reading the road with your “EYES”. Then make your eyes practice what you learnt until it is habit. That’s where I come in. If you want to learn the exercises that will give you 20/20 Road Savvy that stays stuck in your head, then you need to call Xtreme Edge Driver Training.