Test Requirements

There are many things to remember to be safe driver. Here is a list of what you will need to learn prior to your Driving Exam and some of what you will be taught with Xtreme Edge Driver Training.

  • Basic knowledge of vehicle controls
  • Starting and stopping a vehicle correctly
  • Correct use of handbrake and hill starts
  • Correct and smooth manual gear changes and clutch control
  • Preferred lane changing procedure including blind spot and mirror use
  • Smooth steering control, cornering and road positioning for your vehicle during system of car control in unusual traffic scenarios
  • Buffering, time lapse formula, gap selection, reaction times and breaking distances
  • High knowledge of road rules, road signs and road markings including “Give Way” and responsibilities
  • Manoeuvres: 7 style of U Turns, turn around manoeuvre, straight reverse, parallel parking and reverse parking
  • Attitude V’S Motivation for risk behaviour
  • To be proactive not reactive
  • Mock tests to assess readiness for Licence Practical
  • Much more…